About Us

Fidelis Group, Inc. began operations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1998 with the goal of providing the legal and business communities with the highest quality investigative and security consulting services available. In 2004, Fidelis Group, Inc. re-organized to form Fidelis Group, LLC, however, the goals and objectives remain the same as when the company started in 1998.

As a group, the partners and associates of Fidelis Group, LLC have a combined total of well over a century of professional experience gained while serving as Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigative Division. The duties and service responsibilities of these FBI and IRS Agents led to successful investigative assignments throughout Oklahoma and numerous other offices serving the United States. Their proven ability and wealth of experience can enable your company or firm to receive an expert work product. These results can be utilized to address and provide quality solutions to your company or firm’s security or investigative needs.

In choosing Fidelis Group, LLC you will have the services of a diligent, thorough and professional staff that will produce timely results. Our goal is to insure that your selection of our company is a decision which will be repeated with confidence. As our name indicates, we want to earn and be worthy of your trust.

Fidelis Group, LLC is a fully insured and licensed company, which offers its services throughout the United States.